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Located in Jdeideh, Baouchrieh main road, Podcast Lebanon Studios is a one-stop shop for all things video – audio. We provide everything you need for podcasts, voiceover work and talk show episodes.


Want to record a podcast, but don’t have the equipment or technical know-how? We have state of the art, purpose built podcast studios with production support. Just call us, rent the studio and forget about details; we can deliver all the requirements (host, editing, social media posting…)

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Our goal is to make podcasting easier than a lunch meeting.

By creating this marketplace for podcast studio, we’re making podcast production accessible to more audio creators every day.

Adding a co-host to the mix can sometimes make things easier. You’ve got someone to reassure and support you. Co-host can guide, help, simplify and motivate the entire live session.

Podcast Lebanon is ready to ask one of the team to join the episodes; we can tackle all categories:

  • Economy
  • Social Issues
  • Politics
  • Sport
  • Business
  • LifeStyle
  • Art & Music

Co-hosting can make podcasting into a social activity. You can give genuine reactions to all the anecdotes on the podcast, and you might even get a few real laughs in.

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With the popularity of podcasts rapidly increasing, jump on the trend and get ahead of your competition by acting fast. The number of worldwide listeners is estimated to increase massively, surpassing 800 million users by 2025 and becoming a staple for many consumers.
You can call us on +961 3 881487 and benefit from your first FREE episode ! 

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